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the detroit lions. >> brian: next week we are at minnesota at chicago. the minnesota vikings to the open the season on the road in the division. they could pull that one-two punch. boy, that makes them the team to beat in the nfc north. >> thom: i want to look at how your power rankings shape up. that's as competitive a division as there is top to bottom. one through four. of any of the entire nfl. i mean, really the afc north. >> brian: how good is the green bay packers? aaron rogers. you have uh to have them there. minnesota, the question is christian ponder. mark trusman. where are the detroit lions? will they revert to the playoff form of two years ago or struggle like last year? >> thom: a lot of people are surprised. maybe i'm the only one. that you have green bay that highly rateded. >> brian: aaron ronlers is the best quarterback in the nfl for my money. i think they have help with lacy. the running back, jonathan from -- >> thom: alabama? >> brian: no, no. franklin, excuse me. jonathan franklin. this is going to be a team to deal with. >> thom: we'll look at the afc north when w
. >> detroit an detroit? >> there are a whole bunch of maps. go to glad to answer your questions. >> thank y'all. >> y'all having a rough time. >> in southeastern, virginia we say all y'all. my momma says coca-cola. we say cement not cement. >> that is local dialect. [laughter]. >> all right. see if you understand this, looking through the fog, we showed you the same camera, now we can see a little bit. fog is hindering this commute. allow extra time on the roads, eastbound 66 slow moving business 234 out of manassas. not so much fog northbound i-95 after i-195. quick peek at the maps. we have accident activity to report for those traveling inbound along river bend road before the georgetown pike and closed a portion of 286, fairfax county parkway between 634 and lees chapel. before you reach prince george another crash at golden beach. follow police direction. northbound 5 headed out of bran brandy wine 26 miles an hour. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. more with "fox 5 morning news" after the break. hñ that is going to do it for the 6:00. let's send
must go! i suggest motown. detroit? no, no. mongolia town, home of the motown sound. ( singing loudly ) ( clucking tongue ) you are all crazy! the answer is buenos aires! hokkaido! cleveland! bangkok! people! people, please. you're forgetting what the olympics are all about-- giving out medals of beautiful gold so-so silver and shameful bronze. ( groaning and muttering ) i have here a letter from a little girl named lisa simpson. she says her town might not be important enough to host the olympics but she asks if the torch could just pass by
the matchup -- i think the matchup next week when detroit plays at shea stadium, matt harvey, i beg your pardon, citi field, little freudian slip there. matt harvey and max scherzer, the starters in the allstar game at citifield. >> kenny: matt scherzer, who you predicted along with joe buck on the opening telecast of the season, tigers and yankees, you said during the open that max scherzer would win the american league cy young award. >> tim: i thought that because i thought everything was coming to the and it certainly has come together for a guy who is 17-1. pitches tomorrow against the red hot kansas city royals. and then next saturday at citifield against matt harvey. that's what's scheduled to happen. that's pretty good. rarely does an allstar matchup pitch after the allstar game. scherzer pitched one inning because he started for the tigers the previous saturday and jim leland did not want to use a pitcher who pitched that saturday more than one inning of the allstar game. >> tim: right. >> kenny: david ortiz, one for three. doubled, came around to score in the fourth inning. the
on the barbie. ( grunting snorts ) get in! get in! ( grunting ) come on, homer, jump! ohh... when will detroit build a sunroof for the husky gentleman? ( screams ) oh! ( whimpering ) hey, anybody seen homer today? ( screaming ) there he goes. oh, thank you, god! and thank you, porta-john. you really saved my... ( screams ) who's out there? ( screams ) oh, i'm going to die. jesus, allah, buddha-- i love you all! ( tires squealing ) oh, no! she's not going to make it! hmm. looks like it's time for plan "b." one, two three... "b"! ( tires squealing ) it's okay, homey. you can come out now. uh, give me a minute. oh, marge, you saved me. wow. you are so much cooler than milhouse's mom. yeah, way to channel that rage, simpson. how did you know your plan would work, mom? thanks for asking. well, i was watching dateline and stone philips said s.u.v.s always roll over when you turn sharply and the gas tanks explode at the drop of a hat. and she also knew, if the rhino sees a flame he'll instinctively try to put it out. stone philips again. is there anything that guy doesn't know? why, this stone philip
pittsburgh, 64 detroit, 70s in washington. there is your radar, your shower activity front royal, very close to showers, thunderstorms. we'll track the progress over the next couple of hours. should be through the region early afternoon. it will take a few hours to clear for you. all of you are in good shape even at the beaches. talk about saturday and sunday, both beautiful, low to mid 80s, low humidity. a great looking weekend. 84, saturday and sunday look good, monday and tuesday look good, highs mid 80s. >> thank you, tucker. >> let's check in with steve hershorn on the roads. >> 14th street bridge 395 little volume. to get through the work zone, same configuration. a lane blocked each way. northbound on 395. you'll slow down to get passed the exit for the 3rd street tunnel. south capitol street, bit of a back up approaching fredrick douglas memorial bridge up to nats stadium, accident heading inbound on south capitol street. look for delays as you approach the bridge. one lane blocked over to 270 montrose road down to the beltway, looking good. here we are on the beltway, a little bit o
comfortable in places like detroit. here is a look at your forecast. showers and storms breaking out to the west. this will possibly bring shower activity over the next couple of hours. it should move south and east by early afternoon. we'll see gradual clearing. quick look at seven-day forecast, 84 today, afternoon sun. we'll look at the seven day in a couple of minutes. let's do traffic, steve hershon in for julie wright, steve? >> on-time traffic brought to you by toyota. visit for special officers. >> suza bridge inbound to capitol hill area, a good ride. there was an accident on the 11th street bridge causing quite a back up heading north on i-295 with an accident blocking a lane. other river crossings look good. we'll head over to 270 near route 109, little volume. otherwise not too bad. farther down 270. starting to see volume build passed montros road. otherwise everything is okay. quints orchard road near cloper road. their cleared it up. it is completely reopened beltway little bit of volume. once you pass georgia avenue, 95 in virginia near prince william parkwa
at chicago. 11 degrees cooler than they were 24 hours ago. >> detroit cooler. binghamton cooler. that's what's going to be sinking through. that drier cooler air lags behind the front by a number of hours i wanted to show you it is able to produce showers and storms through the pittsburgh area. hagerstown wouldn't be surprised if this holds together and affects you later tonight and also out through ohio. perhaps more energy may ride down in our direction. closer look at showers and storms. not seeing as much lightening as i was. i think they'll start weakening out. certainly nothing severe. as the frontal boundary passes by later tonight and during the morning hours it's possible it could still produce a shower or a storm along the front. best chance i think west central virginia down through southern maryland and maybe a rumble of thunder but guess what? it is going eventually push south of us and we're going to see a beautiful weekend with lots of sunshine, sunshine park b on -- parking on top of us. check out the futurecast. i wanted you to see what we're seeing. at 11 clock catching tho
. louis, and so, go through your fast food establishments, you'll have some problems.problems. >> you may have to cook then. t >> my wife. >> i'll get the kids to cook. c >> why not? n >> coming up, the first familyam is expanding, the newest memberm straight ahead. >> returns of summer today, and, tucker has the forecast and, julie has the problems on theemt road and, we want to check in live with melanie. mel >> the nfl new all clear bag policy, it was anything butthg t clear for some redskins' fans,an and a few resorting to desperate measures, and we'll tell youou what they did with their designer bags. >> look at that. t is that the moon? m that's so cool. >> yeah. >> we got the moon, the fog, and some city lights. l it is like a portrait. ptr >> it is really pretty.y >> best time of the day.of the >> it is, when the sun comes up. look at that fog. we have some really big thingss off to the west, and, fogog advisory for everybody.verydy and it should take a couple c hours to burn it off. that's a look at your fog, and the ordinance and reds where are fog thickens,
. that's a divisional game. so, too, is minnesota. taking on detroit. the 49ers and packers face off in america's game of the week. check local listings for the games in your area. >> brian: i love those games. teams that start with divisional games. talk about setting the pace. we talked about minnesota with two divisional road games. the chance to make a big impact. san francisco and green bay staking the territory early. who will have supremacy in the nfc in the early part. atlanta and the new orleans saints. this is going to go a long way in terms of determining who has the upper hand starting the season. and tampa bay and caroline will be teams that cam newton get pushed behind last year with luck and rg-iii and russell wilson. colin kaepernick wasn't a rookie, but he's going to have an impact early on. >> thom: we hope you have enjoyed it. the next time we'll convene for the nfl on fox it will be the regular season opener. two weeks from today. that's the first sunday of the season. for brian billick, our entire crew, thom brennaman saying stay tuned. the entire cast of the fox
york city and thet can see the cooler air working from the 60s to pittsburgh and detroit. we'll get in on that later this evening. 84 the daytime high, cooler thanit >> let's check in with steve and get an update on the morning commute. >> we'll take a look here quince orchard road in mont -- montgomery county. there's a check on the roadway between 117 at purchase street.. wires down in the roadway. over to the beltway near the american legion bridge, acrosscs the bridge right now. a little more volume.ume. picking up quickly there morning but nothing in the way. hopefully it stays prettile on 66. here we are on 66 near 123 moving smoothly. sm that's a look at your fox 5 on time traffic. >> well, the festivities marking the historic march on washingtow they kick into high gear this weekend. >> there's a number of event ana road closures because a lot is i going on. matt is live in west potomac p park with a preview. he is up early. glad to see you this morning, matt. ahead of everybody already in place. good morning, matt. >> i don't know how do you it. you you know how i'm getting
. the bankruptcy judge issue thousands. detroit is $18 billion in debt. >> well, you know, schools good to great lengths to keep kids safe but some say there's nott enough protection when it comes to aveer weather. >> what one state bay do to change first we'll talk to tucker barnes. >> clouds in the area. otherwise a cloudy day. we have a summertime warm up on the way. vile your weather. julie has traffic. we'll do it after the break. [ female announcer ] is your conditioner doing the job? ♪ ♪ dry hair needs a daily dose of effective moisture. new dove daily moisture has pro moisture complex that goes deep down to hair's cellular level. it moisturizes to give you up to 5 x smoother hair in one wash. dove's most effective conditioner yet. new dove daily moisture. ♪ >> welcome back. a volcano spewing ash three miles into the sky. s the ash is covering the city. the volcano erupted for the 500th time just this year but this latest one is the biggest in decades. people were forced to hold towls over their -- towels over their mouths to breathe and train service stopped for a while. ok
. he died in his home in detroit of complications of a stroke. he was 87 years old. >> his work will live on. that is the best thing. >> let's check in with holly morris and see what she is into. hey, holly. >> reporter: this is like herding calf, this is like herding dogs. take a look, pencil, eraser and sharpy, they all need homes. they have a huge adoptathon. also puppy kindergarten, it is available even if you didn't get your dog here. all next on "fox 5 morning news." look at that. hey, it's me, progressive insurance. you know, from our 4,000 television commercials. yep, there i am with flo. hoo-hoo! watch it! [chuckles] anyhoo, 3 million people switched to me last year, saving an average of $475. [sigh] it feels good to help people save... with great discounts like safe driver, multicar, and multipolicy. so call me today. you'll be glad you did. cannonbox! [splash!] ♪ >> some schools are already in session in our area. this morning we are checking in on a very different class where the topics include sit, stay, stop chewing on everything and especially mom's shoes. >> ho
, single parent birth rate, unemployment, failure to graduate, functional illiteracy in detroit. this is a major urban environment. a major failure. this shows the world america has made great strides and americans made great strides but we have a lot of challenges. we need to move into 2013 and take these views on in our current environment. education is the civil rights issue today what we do as a nation is we degrade and we lose our culture, our work force. we lose our ability. america is the land of opportunity. if you're not educated, you can't take advantage of that opportunity. >> you know, 50 years after the march on washington, one of the questions is how much longer the government should give special treatment to minorities? back in 2003 then justice sandra day o'connor was the swing vote upholding continued racial preference necessary college tuition. she said that should end back then in 25 years. she backed off that 25-year deadline. but at some point does affirmative action, does special treatment need to end? >> i think president obama addressed that before saying
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14